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Stacked Up XX Signed Deluxe CD Bundle & T-Shirt

Senser – Stacked Up XX T-Shirt.

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Stacked Up XX Signed CD includes a deluxe double CD box set with Senser collectibles and contains a remastered version of the original record with remixes and unreleased tracks.

1 States Of Mind
2 The Key
3 Switch
4 Age Of Panic
5 What’s Going On
6 One Touch One Bounce
7 Stubborn
8 Door Game
9 Peanut Head
10 Peace
11 Eject
12 No Comply
13 Worth

1 Age Of Panic (Git-O-Rama Mix)
2 Twice As (Unreleased 1995 2nd album)
3 Tin Can Hurricane (Unreleased 1995 2nd album)
4 Fast Song (Unreleased 1995 2nd album)
5 States Of Mind – Fusewire Remix
6 Age Of Panic (The Sick Man Remix)
7 Eject (Over Zealous Mix)
8 Switch (Depth Charge First Venom Mix)
9 The Key (Liquid Lunch Mix)
10 Door Game – Phut Demo
11 Age Of Panic (Eat Static Saturated Slug Mix)

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