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To The Capsules – CD (Signed)

01. Devoid
02. Time Travel Scratch
03. Witch Village
04. Wounded Spectre
05. Break The Order
06. Alpha Omega
07. Liquidity
08. Echelon
09. Chemtrails
10. Let There Be War

2013. Imprint Music

2013 – Senser are back with their 5th studio album!
To The Capsules was created with the support of Senser fans through which we’re truly grateful for, big thanks to everyone for getting involved!

Download ‘To The Capsules’ lyrics and artwork in our free digital booklet
to the capsules booklet


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Stacked Up XX Limited Edition Signed Double Vinyl Album & T-Shirt

Senser – Stacked Up XX T-Shirt.
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Stacked Up XX Limited Edition Signed Double Vinyl Album includes a remastered version of the original record with new artwork
1 States Of Mind
2 The Key
3 Switch
4 Age Of Panic
5 What’s Going On
6 One Touch One Bounce
7 Stubborn
8 Door Game
9 Peanut Head
10 Peace
11 Eject
12 No Comply
13 Worth

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How To Do Battle – MP3 Digital Download

1. Wake Up, You”re On Fire
2. Resistance Now
3. Brightest Rays
4. 2 3 Clear
5. Dictator Bling
6. End Of The World Show
7. Smoking Paranoia
8. Sandhurst In Zero G
9. So Refined
10. Hex
11. Fairytale
12. Lights Out
13. Arturo

Download the ”How To Do Battle” – free digital booklet here

2009. Imprint Music.


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